Kavlin Haggis – I Need Your Love (Horribly Wrong Breakcore Remix)

I spent a couple of hours trying to warp Calvin Harris – I Need Your love with varying results so I could do a remix. By the time I had finished warping I got a bit bored and wondered to myself what it would sound like if I distorted the drums to fuck, sped it up to 190BPM and mashed a break beat onto it. This is what it sounded like.


Moved From Tumblr

So.. I’m really not too into this whole blogging thing as it is, but Tumblr just seemed like a site where you re-blog silly pictures and get spoilers for your favourite TV shows and movies. Which I really cba with tbh. Any ways, I’ve decided to post on here in future about whatever I’m doing musically and whatever else that I end up gibbering on about. Not that anyone really gives a fuck that is.

More updates as and when I can be bothered.


EDIT: It turns out you can import posts from tumblr. So I just did that.
You can also post from wordpress to tumblr. So I just did that too.