Moved From Tumblr

So.. I’m really not too into this whole blogging thing as it is, but Tumblr just seemed like a site where you re-blog silly pictures and get spoilers for your favourite TV shows and movies. Which I really cba with tbh. Any ways, I’ve decided to post on here in future about whatever I’m doing musically and whatever else that I end up gibbering on about. Not that anyone really gives a fuck that is.

More updates as and when I can be bothered.


EDIT: It turns out you can import posts from tumblr. So I just did that.
You can also post from wordpress to tumblr. So I just did that too.


New-found Purpose

So yeah.. I had no idea what the point was in having a blog.. So I figured ‘fuck it’.. I’ll just post stuff relating to my musical adventures and shit.. So I’ve killed most of my gammy old re-blogs and pretty much started afresh.. Any ways that’s that.. New tunes up soon hopefully.. Later’s..