Feckin’ Muff Wigs And Shit.

Feckin' Muff Wigs And Shit.

Could be messy.


Rewind! The Cassette is Back.

Say what? Tape revival really is ‘a thing?’
The end times are near…

Bandcamp Daily

Cassette tapes on bandcamp!

“The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry released their report of 2 million cassette tapes sold worldwide… Sales in the UK alone tripled last year.”

When I told my parents I was writing about cassette tapes they actually laughed at me. My dad is always very calm so his jokes tend to land hard: “I can go out to the garage and dig up your old Raffi tapes – you could write about that.” I admit it’s probably perplexing for hip baby boomer parents, who feel like it was just yesterday they bought you your first CD burner (remember those?). Growing up, I was either cherishing their beaten up vinyl collection or too busy spending their money on inkjet cartridges for custom CD-R labels to covet any real cassette tape collection. For me, tapes were just the lo-fi, unsexy middle period that I was born into. The cheap way to…

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