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One of the challenges faced by a music streaming service is to figure out what music to play for the brand-new listener.  The first listening experience of a new listener can be critical to gaining that listener as a long time subscriber. However, figuring out what to play for that new listener is very difficult because often there’s absolutely no data available about what kind of music that listener likes. Some music services will interview the new listener to get an idea of their music tastes.

beats-enrollment Selecting your favorite genres is part of the nifty user interview for Beat’s music

However, we’ve seen that for many listeners, especially the casual and indifferent listeners, this type of enrollment may be too complicated. Some listeners don’t know or care about the differences between Blues, R&B and Americana and thus won’t be able to tell you which they prefer. A listener whose only experience…

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basic65 – retro chiptune synth – is released for free

Free stuff!

de la Mancha plugins


basic 65 is a monophonic synth, inspired by the classic 80s home computer, the Commodore 64 and its legendary SID chip. Building on the waveforms and signal path of this famous chip, basic 65 adds further features and options to take things a step further.

The double arpeggiator allows complex versions of that retro 8-bit game sound and the modulation options inspire experimentation via the mod envelope and 2 comprehensive LFOs. Pulse width modulation, ring modulation and oscillator detune/sync are key ingredients in the signature sound. Throw in some pitch drift, bit drift, a sprinkle of dirt and randomisation and you have a wide range of lofi, chiptune, retro-tastic sounds at your disposal.

This version is the update to the popular basic 64, redesigned from scratch, with many improvements, new features and all new presets. basic 65 was co-developed with sink, who also made the amazing presets.


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“Shift into high gear this holiday season with SUPERCHARGER – a boutique compressor, rich with tube character. DJs can expand their sets with four hard-hitting TRAKTOR Remix Sets, based on popular MASCHINE Expansions. And everyone gets a $25 / 25 € e-voucher, valid at the NI Online Shop. Claim your gifts today – SUPERCHARGER will cost 49,00 € from January 2014 and the e-voucher expires on December 31. Happy Holidays!”

Free stuff from Native Instrument’s. GTFI.

Kavlin Haggis – I Need Your Love (Horribly Wrong Breakcore Remix)

I spent a couple of hours trying to warp Calvin Harris – I Need Your love with varying results so I could do a remix. By the time I had finished warping I got a bit bored and wondered to myself what it would sound like if I distorted the drums to fuck, sped it up to 190BPM and mashed a break beat onto it. This is what it sounded like.

Moved From Tumblr

So.. I’m really not too into this whole blogging thing as it is, but Tumblr just seemed like a site where you re-blog silly pictures and get spoilers for your favourite TV shows and movies. Which I really cba with tbh. Any ways, I’ve decided to post on here in future about whatever I’m doing musically and whatever else that I end up gibbering on about. Not that anyone really gives a fuck that is.

More updates as and when I can be bothered.


EDIT: It turns out you can import posts from tumblr. So I just did that.
You can also post from wordpress to tumblr. So I just did that too.